Tips On How To Stop Snoring

Tips to stop snoring

Almost everyone snores to some degree while sleeping however, there are those who snore regularly or every night, loudly which can be disruptive to a partner or even anyone else in the house thus the need to know how to stop snoring.

Not only is snoring disruptive to the sleeping partner, it is a huge problem for the snorer since it disrupts the person’s sleep which leads to fatigue during the day, makes the person easily irritable and increases health problems. Worse, snoring can cause a rift with your partner because they are affected by the noise.

Tips to stop snoring

Why do people snore?

Basically, snoring is caused when the free flow of air through your nose and throat during sleep is hindered, resulting in the vibration of tissues within those passages and the snoring sounds.

Here are the common causes of snoring:

  • Nasal and sinus problems: Blocked airways or a stuffy nose lead to breathing problems thus snoring.
  • Alcohol and medications: The chemicals we consume or inhale from these substances can increase muscle relaxation and lead to snoring. As for medications, you may need to talk to your doctor for options.
  • Sleep posture: This is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to snoring. The wrong posture will cause snoring e.g. sleeping on your back causes the blockage of the throat passages.
  • Age: As you grow older, your throat your throat passage may constrict and turn you into a snorer.
  • Obesity or overweight: Excess weight leads to more fatty tissue and poor muscle tone which can cause snoring.
  • Body physiology: The genetic makeup of your body may have you doomed to snore. For example, men’s air passages are narrower as compared to women and are more likely to snore.

Snoring is not only a nuisance to those you sleep with, most of those who snore suffer from obstructive sleep apnea which has been linked to increased risk of developing heart disease. There are many things you can do to stop snoring, many which are lifestyle changes which are the major cause of snoring.

Natural and lifestyle tips on how to stop snoring

  • Changing your sleeping posture

When you sleep on your back, your tongue and throat tissues block the free flow of air through the throat thus causing vibration and snoring as you sleep. Sleeping on your side is the easy way out of this. If you cannot sleep on your side, try supporting your back with pillows to keep you on your side as you sleep.

  • Shed weight and fight weight gain

Excess body weight is a top cause of snoring. Shed off the excess weight by leading an active lifestyle and exercising regularly by engaging in cardio-exercises. Excess body weight means more tissue on the neck thus more pressure on the throat which could lead to snoring.

  • Reduce or stop alcohol intake

Alcohol and some medications cause you to snore because they lead to muscles relaxation which leads to a blocked air in the throat and to snoring. If you must take alcohol, make five hours before you go to sleep.

  • Sleep schedule and sufficient sleep time

Getting on a predictable sleep schedule is good for the body as well as getting sufficient sleep. Fatigue and lack of sleep from working long hours mean that you are likely to sleep harder which can make you snow.  It is not only important that you get your body to as predictable sleep rhythm; you should also get sufficient sleep- at least 6 hours per night.

  • Clear your nasal passages

Keep your nasal passages open by dealing effectively with sinus problems, cold and the flu which often leads to blockage, clogging, and narrowing of the air passages and lead to snoring. Taking a hot shower before going bed will help.

  • Change your bedding regularly and keep them clean

An accumulation of dust and allergens on your pillow can contribute to snoring. Dust, mites from your pets and other allergens can easily accumulate on pillows and sheets could be the cause of your snoring.

Do not sleep with your pets on the bed if you are a snorer to avoid breathing in the particles from the fur of the animals or even mites which are common throat and nasal irritants. You also need to sleep on the right kind of pillow to properly support your head and neck to prevent snoring while you sleep.

  • Drink enough water

Drink plenty of fluids because nasal secretions are stickier when you are dehydrated and are likely to stick to the nasal passage and block airflow.

With these natural and lifestyle solutions, you should be able to stop snoring within days or immediately – get more peaceful sleep and save your partner the agony of sleeping next to a snorer.


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