Memory Foam Mattress Causing Back Pain: Information Reviews

memory foam mattress

Buying your new memory foam mattress is never easy. We need to consider in your sleeping style, whether you prefer firmness or softness and optional features like your bed or pillowed tops all within your limited budget.

Buyers Guidelines

take note

So this is one important thing that we need to pay attention to if you will decide to get a new mattress that does not cause you back pain in any way. Back pain leads to losing our mobility in our middle age. If your bed is one of the reasons that are causing your back pain, it is important that you need to replace it. And while determining the perfect best mattress remains a hotly debated topic, sleep professionals, and opinion on market research have indicated that this foam is causing you back pain.

Studies have shown by the professional Doctors in Chiropractors, and Therapists are started to advise latex over memory mattress of choice. Please try not to get and hung up on advertisement branded names on the mattress until you decide what kind of bed you want.

NOT Good for all consumers

It may keep body heat which can cause the foam in the bed where you need support like your back, too much sink the warmer it gets, especially if your weight concentrated in your middle or hip zone area. However, there is nothing that is pushing back up too support your back and keep your spine correctly aligned once the mattress turns into cozy or warm mush. These are why we recommend the plush/firm innerspring mattress with a memory foam topper above the bed beneath the topper to keep your body correctly aligned. This topper meant to for cozy comfort.

And now, because your mattress won’t last out gradually, you may not realize that they may need to replace it until you feel a considerable increase in your back pain. If you’ve been sleeping on that bed that causing you back pain or any part of your body, get it off at least for a while to see or experience how could you sleep without using on that mattress. You could be doing slow developing or long-term damage some parts of your body without realizing it, only because there is something wrong with your bed.

Memory foam contains the same ingredients from a regular polyfoam, but it manufactured differently. Gas-infused into foam mattress to give the trim body molding and shape characteristics. These are why it can be so much stinker than a regular bed.

Pay Attention to Your Back, Neck, and Spine


Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling stiff, painful or uncomfortable? So, while you sleep, did you experience moving more or less after your body gets used to it? Are there aches starting developing in your back, neck, and shoulder, that was not there before? Sometimes, at first your not aware; but you might notice later as the situation continues. If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then you might use a mattress that causing back pain which should be addressed.

This kind of mattress not only had issues with night sweats but also many problems with your lower back pain. It never dawned on you that this bed could have caused the back pain and night sweats. You immediately removed the mattress within days, the pain and night sweat both subsided. After two weeks, You once again pain-free and sleeping much more relaxed at night.

But to protect your back, right posture is important while sleeping. When your mattress stops working for you, it begins reinforcing the poor sleeping position. A low-quality bed affects your daily life: 60% of people who reported lower-back pain said it stopped their regular routines like sleep and.When you sleep on the poor quality mattress for years, you can develop insomnia, overall aches, pains, and back pain.

If we had to guess, we believe the mattress does not provide enough core support which in turn can cause severe back pain. Additionally, the mattress makes the bed much too warm. Now as long as your wearing your Cool-jams pajamas, you almost sweat-free at night.


After discovering this problem with memory foam mattress, we take surveyed several people to see if they might have had similar issues. 3 out of 4 people that we interviewed stated that they also had to get rid of this mattress due to related back pain and heat issues.

We also highly recommend you to go into stores and test the mattress out, that is the only technique your body will get a good feel for them including how to test them and know which one will work best for you and/your partners best sleep on your new mattress.

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